Here is a brief introduction to the key features of engiSphere. We are currently 6013 users and the number is growing rapidly. Welcome aboard!


Create and edit your profile. Feel free to use \(LaTeX\)! engiSphere profiles are feature rich. Make sure to get familiar with all of the options. This should be the first place to start advertising yourself. \(E = m_{rest}c^2\)

Activity Stream

Check what other members are up to. See what is new in The Marketpace. Update your status via The Wire.


engiSphere has lots of featured groups for you to join. But feel free to create your own or ask us to create a featured one!


In addition to the common social media features, such as comments, pages, blogs, and private messages, you can create your ads and post them to The Market. This feature is absolutely free. Just remember to keep it all technical on engiSphere! And use \(LaTeX\) pretty much anywhere you want. Check out the \(LaTeX\) page for help and to get started!